We are HighTide Pictures.

Full service creative film studio.

We are passionate about what we do for you.

Depending on your needs we do concept development, scripting, location scouting and permits acquisition.

Our success is your success at the end.
There are a few things which make us stand out from a crowd.

Expertise. The team we put together has over 10 years of creative experience working for the biggest broadcasters in Europe.

Creativity. Our team of talented artists, directors, actors, cameramen and post production artists guarantees the highest standards of produced materials.

Flexibility. No project is too small or too big for us. We have serviced major international events, conferences. We have done live streaming of sporting events, promo clips and instructional videos. We know how to tell your story in many different ways.

Quality. Since our work is our passion we are fully committed to deliver the highest possible quality material. No matter how small your budget is - quality is never compromised. You have this in writing.

We specialize in all kinds of water sports like boat races, water skiing and everything related to having fun on water. Being fast and furious or taking a dip at the cottage on a sunny afternoon. We love it. And we love filming it. The way we work for our clients is very intuitive: we listen, we quote, we get to work and we deliver. First we listen to your goals. You want your audience to do something through video. That connects on an emotional level with your audience. Then we quote in relation to your budget. Some may ask: how much does professional film production cost? We say: it doesn't have to cost much to get noticed and get the message through. It all depends on many factors but at the end it always cost your budget. We work with you to make the most out of what you set for your project. They don't call us "experts" for nothing.

We work with you to make the most out of what you set for your project. Just call us.
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